Using Private Automation Hub

Task 4: Use the EE in controller


  • Publish an EE to private automation hub
  • Configure controller to access the private automation hub and pull the EE


  • Create registry credentials in controller
  • Create the EE in controller
  • Create a job template using the EE
  • Test a playbook with the collection you added to the EE, e.g. perform an action in Azure
  • There is an example playbook available in the playbook-infra project

Challenge tasks

  • Build another EE with different content, import it into Controller and use different job templates with different EE’s
  • Think about version pinning in the EE: what’s the best way to do it? How can you track versioning?
  • If you use GitLab or GitHub have a look at renovate which can help you to track dependencies.


  • Get familiar with using EE’s in controller and different job templates