Bonus Track: Automation Catalog

Bonus Track: Using Automation Services Catalog

With a full-stack AAP 2.2 setup running along, you could start playing around with the brand new Automation Services Catalog. This is the new self-service portal replacing the hosted offering (and somehow one functionality of dear, old CloudForms).

Catalog depends on RH SSO for Authentication, for PAH and Controller this is optional.

Remember it’s early days; Catalog is in Tech Preview!


  • A full AAP 2.2 installation (Controller, PAH, Catalog, RH SSO)
  • Access to all web UIs


  • Start with Automation Services Catalog
    • Log in with the new user
    • Check under Platforms Automation Controller status is Available, click the circular Refresh icon.
    • Create a new Portfolio and access it
    • To add a create a new Product, click Add and set Filter by Platform to Automation Controller
    • Check the Demo Job Template tile and click Add
    • Now you can order the Product, try it and check the Job is run in Controller.

Play from here on

  • If you want to use PAH within an SSO-enabled setup, it now needs an SSO user, too. Create one or give the hubadmin role to your catalog-user.
  • Set an approval for a Product, you need a user with SSO approver role.
  • Create a Template with a Survey in Controller and use this in a new Product in Catalog.


  • See what Catalog can do right now… :-)